Allergy, Cough, & Respiratory Relief

Allergy, Cough, & Respiratory Relief

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BEV'S EQUINE Allergy, Cough, & Respiratory Relief is a duplicate of BEV'S EQUINE Bleeders Answer with Allergy Relief. Why are they giving the same product 2 names? Because if some people have a horse with allergies but the horse is not a bleeder, they may not buy it because the name indicates it is for a bleeder.

Some horses will suffer from allergies. Horse that suffers from EIPH and bleed and receive our Bleeders Answer, get relief and stop bleeding in a minimal amount of time.  But some horses may be a bleeder and have allergies during the allergy season which may cause the horse to again bleed through the nose, have runny eyes or cough.  Bleeders Answer was created to address horses suffering from EIPH not allergies.  So we added additional natural ingredients to help combat allergies while addressing the bleeder issue as well. They added the following ingredients to Bleeders Answer which has the main ingredient Calendula Officinalis, and now also has Histaminum, Hydrocloricum, Nat Mur, Galphimia, Apis Mel, Detoxifier, and Cell Salt.  These ingredients give horses that are bleeders and have allergies relief to both problems allowing the horse to breathe and perform to the horse’s natural ability. This product will not test.

How to Use: Recommended to give this product directly in the mouth and not be added to the feed. 5 cc's two to three times daily or 30 minutes before performing. This product will not test.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Calendula Officinalis, Potassium Sorbate, Histaminum Hydrocloricum, Nat Mur, Galphimia, Apis Mel, Detoxifier, Cell Salts.