GelCompression Tendon Boots

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EQUIFIT GelCompression Tendon Boots are a convenient way to provide cold or heat and compression therapy, all in one boot. No machines, cables or wires required. Help keep injuries at bay and provide much needed support to the hard working horse or those with any stiffness, soreness or swelling. Also, for the sport horse, it decreases risk of injury. 

  • GelPacks adhere to an outer shell that provides air compression via hand pump and retain intense cold/heat while conforming and remaining pliable out of the freezer.
  • Outer shell features air compression pockets powered by a hand pump to ensure even temperature distribution
  • Air compression is Optional and fully adjustable
  • Durable hook and loop closures provide a secure fit and allows for easy on and off
  • One Size
  • Sold as: Pair