Braiding Tape

Braiding Tape

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EQUI-ESSENTIALS Braiding Tape is a great, easy way to secure braids.


  • Cut five or six inches at a time and stick the ends to on your shirt front
  • Buy fresh tape every couple of months or else store it in your house
  • Rather than re-braiding, fresh tape placed over old tape can get loose hairs back in place or spruce any tape that is dirty

How to Use: With a knot-free, clean mane, braid the mane piece. Place the tape at the end of the braid across the last couple of crosses of braid for strength. Fold the tape over so it is gone around the bottom of the braid one time, and pinch it tightly so it will adhere to itself. Tape a second piece and pull the tape tightly and wrap around 3-4 times.