Bates All Purpose Saddle Pad

Bates All Purpose Saddle Pad

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BATES All Purpose Saddle Pad -Moisture-wicking fabric on the underside and an anatomically shaped mesh spine ensure your performance partners comfort, while youll appreciate the durable fabric and extra-long wear patch for ease of care. Our patented removable D-ring tabs provide flexibility in your use, with no need to cut off unwanted straps. Embellished with a subtle Bates B, and shaped to suit your Bates saddle, these pads will take you from training to competition, looking effortlessly polished.


  • Removable D-ring tab (patented design)
  • Anatomical shaping
  • Mesh spine
  • Long wear patch
  • Sweat wicking underside
  • Elegant Bates B embroidery design