Crafty Ponies Bridle

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CRAFTY PONIES Bridle is made from strong double sided leatherette that gives the look and feel of a real leather bridle. All the parts of the Crafty Ponies toy bridle replicate a real bridle with a miniature snaffle bit, reins, noseband, throatlatch and all the other parts that make up a real, working bridle. Crafty Ponies bridle comes with an 8 page full colour, fully illustrated A5 booklet, full of information about bridles, parts of the bridle, putting it on, taking it off, putting it together and much more. Children can learn lots about bridles with the Crafty Ponies bridle!

  • Crafty Ponies bridle fits Crafty Pony just like a real bridle fits a real pony
  • Crafty Ponies bridle can be wiped clean with a damp cloth
  • Suitable for children over 3 years due to the small parts