Crafty Pony & Booklet

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CRAFT PONY & Booklet are the best toy for your kiddos! Crafty Ponies are soft toy ponies that are made from luxurious plush fur fabric and have realistic miniature working tack and accessories that look and work just like the real thing! Crafty Ponies manes and tails are made from cotton so that they are non slip and children can plait them. The tail is sewn onto a dock so that children can practice plaiting tails. Instructions for plaiting manes and tails are at the back of the passport booklet that comes with the pony. Remember to pick up a bag of plaiting bands from your local retailer! We make all Crafty Ponies and their tack and accessories as realistic as possible to help children learn how it all looks, works and fits. Imaginative role play is a valuable benefit of Crafty Ponies.

  • Plush fur fabric
  • Realistic miniature working tack and accessories (sold separate)
  • Manes and tails are cotton and non-slip
  • Tail is sewn onto a dock so they can practice plaiting!