EQUI-CARE Little Riding Essentials

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Equi-Care Little Riding Essentials travel kit is great for riders' and groomers' backpack! Keep you on the go.

Packs are assorted and contain 2 of the following plus sponge:

Clean & Care EQUI SOFT is formulated for cleaning and conditioning leather in one step, keeping it soft and resistant. Leaves no sticky residue. All kinds of leathers in general: Boots, saddles, shoes, leather ties, etc ... (not suitable for suede or nubuck)

Clean & Care Ointment is a product formulated to moisturize leather, keeping it soft and resistant.

Clean & Care's Saddle Soap is a Glycerin Soap with a high level of cleaning and nutrition for leather. 

DIRECTIONS: Apply with a sponge or similar. Rub until no traces remain. Tip: Use Clean & Care Ointment to deeply nourish your leather goods. Use Clean & Care Equi Soft to Condition the leather daily.