Speed Air 2X Helmet

Regular price $672.95

The GPA Speed Air 2X Helmet is exceptionally lightweight and designed to offer free airflow for optimal cooling ventilation. This best-selling GPA riding helmet is now available with the updated 2X harness, which is anatomically correct to ensure rider comfort and to allow an optimal fit. High-tech lining wicks moisture and is removable and machine washable.

  • ASTM F1163-15/SEI Certified
  • Metal logo for a perfect finishing!
  • Available sizes: from 52 (6 3/8) to 63 (7 3/4)
  • 52 GPA (51cm), 53 GPA (52 cm), 54 GPA (53cm), 55 GPA (54cm), 56 GPA (55cm), 57 GPA (56cm), 58 GPA (57cm), 59 GPA (58cm), 60 GPA (59cm), 61 GPA (60cm), 62 GPA (61cm), 63GPA (62cm)

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