James On Dancing Bells Set Figurine

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The gorgeous Holsteiner Dancing Bells is ridden by the equally elegant rider James in a dressage event. Holsteiners are an ancient breed of horse, with a bloodline that goes back over 700 years. They are popular in competitive dressage, considered a world-class sport horse.

Scientific Name: Equus caballus.

Characteristics: James, the rider, sits tall in the saddle on Dancing Bells at a competitive dressage event. With its arched neck and strong back, the horse epitomizes the famous Holsteiner breed from Germany.

Size and Color: Horse and rider nearly blend together with contrasting black and white. Dancing Bells is 4¾" long and 3¾" tall, while James, which can be removed from the horse, is 3" tall. The James on Dancing Bells Set is part of the Winner's Circle Horses collection.

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