Kelcie's Pumpkin Spice Horse Treats 8oz

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Designed to provide a nutritious reward for horses. Promote a healthy, shiny coat with omega-3 and fatty acids. Manufactured using a unique extrusion process that creates a specific density plus bite-sized shape designed for optimal digestion and nutrient absorption which delivers strong health benefits to horses. This extrusion process also decreases moisture and prevents mold growth enabling the bags of natural horse treats to have a longer shelf life. Promote a balanced hind gut, support digestion and encourage saliva production. Also help sustain fat absorption.

Contain min 17.3% crude protein, min 7.9% crude fat, max 7.5% crude fiber, min 0.25% calcium, min 0.6% phosphorous, max 6.8% crude ash, and max 0.4% sodium.

Directions: Feed up to 2 lbs per horse daily as a treat.