Kunkle - Show Glove

Kunkle - Show Glove

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Kunkle Show Gloves - last 2X longer than the average glove. Synthetic leather with a textural, pebbled finish stands up to use while providing a second-skin feel and a slip-free, tacky grip. Only .5mm thick, the gloves offer superior tactility, dry completely overnight and work with touchscreens. Areas of rein contact are reinforced.

Designed and tested by riders, Kunkle Show Gloves took more than three years to craft. They were tested and refined by riders, from beginners to Grand Prix Olympians, to create the ultimate end result. 

  • Synthetic leather just .5mm thick lasts 2X longer than most.
  • Offers second-skin feel and anti-slip grip.
  • Air dries completely overnight.
  • Touchscreen compatible.
  • Hook-and-loop closure on backhand.