Leoveties Treats

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Fruits and vegetables are important – is your horse getting enough? LEOVET Leoveties Treats are beneficial treats containing fruits for your horse.

Tummy Tickler includes oranges (a good source of vitamin C) to help promote a strong immune system; oat flakes (a healthy energy source) for its positive effects on the entire horse; and Bio MOS to help support intestinal health and positively impact performance.

Taste of Heaven includes mangos which help prevent infections and help support resistance to stress and strain; carrots (plentiful in betacarotene) for a shiny coat, healthy skin and strong hooves; and honey which helps provide your horse with quick energy due to its various and healthy substances.

Power Mix includes apples (a rich source of vitamins, fibers and fruit acids) which helps stimulate motivation; sallow thorn (plentiful in vitamins, minerals and nut oil) for added protection against infections and its soothing effect on the gastrointestinal tract.

Apple Treats includes apples as a natural source of minerals and fruit acids, which contribute to the wellness of a horse; spelt wheat, which has a positive effect on digestion and tolerance; red beet, which provides vitamins and minerals.

Banana Treats includes banana to provide healthy carbohydrates, fiber, magnesium, potassium and vitamin B6; turmeric, India’s sacred plant for a good wellbeing; linseed, which is rich in vitamins, minerals and unsaturated fatty acids, has a positive effect on digestion and is good for skin and coat.

Carrot Treats includes carrots as a source of beta-carotene for a shiny coat, healthy skin and strong hooves; mango for vitalizing and rebalancing; and rosehips as a vital source of minerals from A-Z in concentrated form, all beneficial for the immune system.

  • Great source of natural vitamins and minerals for your horse!

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