Nyltex Waxed Braiding Thread

Nyltex Waxed Braiding Thread

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Braiding Thread is a great way to get show beautiful braids. This is the thread preferred by professional braiders!

  •  Waxed braiding thread

How to Use: Braid clean, tangle-free mane tight and straight down in small sections, using a rubber band to secure the bottom of the braid. Fold up the bottom of the braid and twist the rubber band around the bottom to secure loose hair. Next take a needle and thread and sew into the bottom of the braid. Make a few loops (3 are fine) through the braid and tug at the end to make sure it is secure. Take the bottom of the braid and fold it on the underside to the base for the neck. Fold the braid in half once more to make a neat button braid. Sew the braid from the bottom ensuring you are going through all the folds and coming out the top center of the braid. Always be careful with the needle around you horse. Repeat sewing thru braid until it is secure (3 passes is fine). Cut thread as close to braid as possible.