Przewalskis Horse Figurine

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Przewalski's horses were long thought to have never been domesticated by humans, making them the last truly wild type of horse. However, recent DNA evidence has shown that like other horses that exist in the wild, they are feral (wild descendents of domestic animals). The Przewalski's horse inhabits the high altitude grassland steppes of Mongolia.

Scientific Name: Equus ferus przewalskii

Characteristics: The Przewalski's horse is stockier and more heavily built than most other horses, and is known for its erect mane and convex facial profile. Both features are replicated in this highly detailed and hand painted figurine.

Size and Color: 5 inches tall and 3 ½ inches high, this figure is about as long and a little taller than a soda can on its side. It's reddish-brown coat features the pangar configuration, which is identified by a light-colored muzzle and underside, and dark brown mane, tail, and stockinged feet.