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The Dressage Riders Journal This dressage journal was designed especially for dressage riders to write down their riding goals, make a plan, and track their progress. It features pages for specific goal setting, planning and tracking each ride, preparing for competition, diagramming your dressage tests, keeping track of scores, and more. This is perfect for the equestrian with big goals for their dressage horse! The Dressage Rider's Journal includes: -Goals with My Horse -Notes from My Ride -Clinic Notes -Show Prep -Show Recap -Diagram Your Test -Dressage Horse Care & Maintenance -Space for Additional Notes! This dressage journal has 139 pages in total. This journal measures 6" x 9" - perfect bound.


The English Rider's Journal This English Rider's journal was designed especially for English riders to turn dreams into goals. With pages to help you outline your equestrian goals and the steps needed to achieve them, you can easily track your progress and mark your milestones with your equine partner. This riding journal also features a log for each ride or lesson, tracking your horse's care, making a training plan, and mapping out your schedule! Don't head off to the barn without it! Featuring: -Goal-Setting with Your Horse -Making Your Weekly Training Plan -Notes From Your Ride -Monthly Calendars -Tracking Your Horse's Care -Extra Space for Notes! This book is 6″ x 9″ and perfect bound. This book has 135 pages in total.

The Horse Show Journal This journal and equestrian planner made especially for horse show competitors features many fun pages to help you set, track and accomplish all your goals! By writing down your goals and the steps needed to accomplish them, you will put your plan into action! This journal features pages to make a horse training plan, write down notes about your rides, track horse show placings and points, make and check off your horse show packing list, draw out your patterns and show clothing designs, and more! Don't load up the trailer without it! Perfect for riders of all ages in the all around, western pleasure or hunter classes in stock horse circuits such as APHA/Paint Horse, AQHA/Quarter Horse, ApHC/Appaloosa, PtHA/Pinto Horse, Buckskin, Arabian 4-H, open shows, schooling shows and many more. This book is 6″ x 9″ and fits easily in your bag. It has 144 pages.

The Hunter Jumpers Journal This journal was designed especially for hunter and jumper riders to set goals and track their progress! This journal features pages for goal-setting, making a training plan, taking notes from your rides, prepping and packing for horse shows, tracking your competition scores, times, and placings, drawing out jump courses, and more! Don't head off to the barn without it! This equestrian journal includes: -Goals with Your Horse -Notes from Your Ride -Training Plan -Horse Show Prep -Horse Show Notes -Horse Trailer Packing List -Draw Your Course -Space for Additional Notes This book is 6" x 9" and fits easily in your bag! This book has 149 pages.