Weymouth Bridle "Comtess"

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KAVALKADE Weymouth Bridle “Comtess” is an elegant and unique bridle featuring a Swedish noseband. The noseband and one cheek piece firmly sewn (buckling on the sides), with the second cheekpiece overflowing (buckling in the neck). It has padded headpiece and noseband for your horse’s comfort. The Noseband is extra wide and generously cut out in the bit area for no interference. The side straps are sewn round with hook studs to bite parts. The curved headband is lined with large white rhinestones are a beautiful finish. It includes snaffle and curb leather, bridle reins with webs..

  • Swedish noseband
  • Noseband and one cheek piece firmly sewn and the second cheekpiece overflowing
  • Padded headpiece and noseband – extra wide noseband with cut out in bit area
  • Side straps sewn round
  • Curved headband with large white rhinestones
  • Hook studs to bite parts
  • With snaffle and curb reins of leather, bridle reins with webs